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  • Ashley Byrd (Private)
    15 years 8 months ago
    Unk - Unknown Agency, please identify
    Hey my name is Ashley Byrd and I want to become a cop really bad. I think law enforcement would be a really great job. Our cop cars here where I'm from are nice looking but nothing compraed to ya'lls. I'm from martinsville Va. I like the color we have and all but i was just looking at different ones in different states and see what they look like also. I'm taking classes in college and plus I'm taking more classes and programs a the police acadamy. It's alot of fun and hard work but I know when I become a police I will be glad I put all I could into it. Please e-mail me back and give me some tips on law enforcement.

    thank you Ashley Byrd
  • 15 years 8 months ago
    Australia - Victoria Police, Melbourne
    This cop car is awesome! I think police from all over should have this car! its the best cuz it is a mustang!!!!!!
  • GretchenS (Private)
    15 years 8 months ago
    Australia - Victoria Police, Melbourne
    This cop car is the best! I really like the colors!
  • JD (Private)
    15 years 8 months ago
    Absolutely Fantastic!!

    I'm also looking for a policecar like these can you send me some adresses on the internet where I can find those cars? I'm from the Netherlands and I like American cars

    Thank you in advance,

  • A.W (Private)
    15 years 9 months ago
    NYPD Police Museum Car Show
    How would one get ahold of Carl to ask him about his car??
  • slava (Private)
    15 years 9 months ago
    A BLACK & WHITE (1974) DO(d)G(e-sedan with ill. plates...)
  • slava (Private)
    15 years 9 months ago
    B 89 Caprice double Indy Museum (J)
    what the hell is this?
    It's a hands-on children's display at the Indiana State Police Youth Center and Museum at State Police Post 52 in Indianapolis. The fronts of two Caprices were joined together so children can sit in both sides and pretend to drive a police car, listen to the police radio, turn on the lights and siren and pretend.

    Indiana has one of the best family-oriented museums of all police departments in the country. The large building is filled with historical artifacts, video and audio displays, vintage photos, as well as the 8 (I believe)restored Indiana State Police cars on display inside and outside of the museum from the 1930s through today.

    Greg Reynolds
    copcar dot com
  • Glenn Hilpert (Private)
    15 years 9 months ago
    1971 Dodge Polara  CHP
    Thanks for your comment as your favorite, the 71 Polara. I Have had several very reasonable offers to sell the vehicle, but this one, also my favorite of the 60's-70's is not for sale at this time. I plan to just enjoy the car an have some fun along with it. I know they are rare and finding another true authentic CHP would be difficult.

    My next project will be a 72 Polara, or a 77-78 Monaco, which were used by the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Dept., located in San Jose, Ca. my present employer. I have all the neccessary emergency equipment these vehicles utilized, but still looking for a true car. Keep up your search and good luck.
  • virgil adkins (Private)
    15 years 9 months ago
    CA - California Hwy Patrol
    hi hi hi
  • 15 years 9 months ago
    1963 Dodge 880 CHP
    How cool! This sure brings back memories. My first car back in '74 was a '64 Dodge 880 CHP with the 426 wedge. (My dad used to pick up the cars at auction with minor body damage.) I sure wish now that I'd hung on to that car!
  • Geo (Private)
    15 years 9 months ago
    XX - 1978 Dodge Monaco,  ex -Florida unit
    No prob Dave, worth to ask though because you never know. How can one say no to an original all black 78 Monaco 440!



    Amen to that, brother

  • rakan najd (Private)
    15 years 9 months ago
    KS - Wichita Police
    thanks for volvo cause I have volvo car from 1977
  • 15 years 9 months ago
    1995 LT1 Caprice
    Beautiful car!

    I recently purchased a 95 lt1 caprice from a sherrifs department in Kansas. It has 180k miles and runs like a dream. Nothing important to say other than I am curious about how it runs and how many miles, etc. It looks like a lot of fun, I know mine tops out at around 140, and yours looks like its in much better shape(though my motor does perform great). Thanks for sharing
  • 15 years 9 months ago
    TX - Texas Dept of Public Safety
    hey i like your camaro what year is it '91 or '92 could you send me a reply and if your willing to sell also a cost.


    I think the State of Texas would be a little upset if this Trooper sold his issued patrol vehicle. Besides, I am sure it was replaced many moons ago and sold at the official state auction anyway.

    Most of the vehicles on the site are in-service vehicles.

    Dave Arnold
  • 15 years 9 months ago
    Beat The Heat, May 2002, Redline Raceway,  TX, Hunt County Constable, Pct. 2
    thats a nice car i have always loved the fox body mustangs. are you interested in salin?if so please send me a reply and cost